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Release 2.38 – Friday, December 21, 2018


  1. We have modified the Lunch and Break labels throughout the software, as well as on the devices to read To and From instead of In and Out.
  2. Add Icelandic language to Software
  3. Adjust employee profile view for Australia’s customers; some options were overlapping.
  4. Ability to automatically deduct the Lunch/Break from the total daily Regular hours worked, instead of per the setting “deduct after X hours.”
  5. Check and improve website performance. Some lag was noticed when loading Users and Schedules.
  6. Display the list of Projects in alphabetical order when assigning them within the Users > Jobs tab.
  7. The punch indicators on the Timecard now say To and From instead of IN & OUT.
  8. Ability to physically see the radius field (in ft) of the Geo-Locations.
  9. Ability to sort the Clock Location column under the Who’s In tab.
  10. Ability to see the $ amount, per employee on the construction timecard > Detailed by Project/Job report; New report setting to Show Amount available for the Construction Timecard.