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Release 2.35 – Tuesday, October 2, 2018


  • Enforce Password Change: Administrators and Managers will now have the option to specify the amount of time, in months, before the system requires a password change.To configure this setting, navigate to:
  1. Settings
  2. General
  3. Company
  4. Select to Enforce Password change at 3, 6 or 12 months.
  5. Click Save



  • New Mobile application prompt: A new banner will appear at the top of the Mobile application when a User does not have strong enough reception to hold a connection. If attempting to Clock In/Out, the app will also display 00:00 as the timestamp on the mobile time clock.

  • Absence Notes to be included in Custom Report
  • Previously, we only included the option to generate timecard notes on the Custom Report. With this release we have included Absence-notes in that selection as well.

To generate Absence Notes, run the Custom Report and select the following:

  1. Under Punch Columns, select Notes
  2. Under Absence Columns, select the absence(s) that you wish to generate data for.
  3. Click View

Report Sample:

  • Geolocations: The system will now auto-inherit new geolocations under the User Clocking Permissions. When a new geolocation is created in the software, for any employees that have access to “all” geolocations, the new geolocation will automatically be added to their permissions.
  • Construction Timecard: When employees who are assigned to use the construction timecard clock in/out via the timeclock with Projects and Jobs, the Project/Job will now come into the software automatically and will sort itself according to the hours logged from the device.
  • Ordering the Projects/jobs alphabetically within the Filter:

We have extended alphabetical sorting of Projects and Jobs throughout the system filters.


  • All Reports: New setting to Show or not Show the $ amount.

A new report option has been created to manipulate the viewing of the employee’s $ amount throughout all reports. This option can be found toward the end of the Report Options list, located to the right of the Reports > Timecard sub-tab.

  • Location Summary Report: Remove Group by option:

We have removed the Group by option under the Report Options.