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Release 2.29 – Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Timesheet SUBMIT button with disclaimer

Timesheet Users will now be prompted with the following disclaimer when submitting their Timesheet.

By clicking submit/okay, I acknowledge that the hours reported worked above are correct and that I was allowed and have taken all my rest breaks and meal breaks as specified in the employee handbook, and that I have not experienced any work related injuries that have not been reported to my manager and human resources.

Specifying location time-zones within the Initial Setup

We have added the ability to specify a location time-zone during a Company’s Initial Setup.

New Support tab within UI

We have created a new drop-down option within the website that will facilitate support issues for existing clients.

The drop-down list will consist of the following options:

-Remote Support
-Submit a Ticket

-View Tickets

New Features

Raise/Pay Rate History

Via the user’s general information, Administrators and Managers now have the ability to review the raise/general pay rate history for each user. To view a User’s Pay History, navigate to: 1. Users 2. General 3. Select the User 4. Click the drawer icon to review the User’s Pay Rate and Raise History.

The following window will appear:

Webcam Integrated to Enrollment

You can now take employee photos using your computer/laptop webcam directly from the User’s general tab. To use your webcam to take a User photo, navigate to: 1. Users 2. General 3. Select the User 4. Select Use Webcam


Totals for Breaks taken

We have included the totals for all lunches/breaks take throughout the pay period at the bottom of the Timecard, next to the Regular, OT, DT and absence totals. To view Lunch/Break totals for paid and deducted lunches, navigate to: 1. Dashboard 2. Timecards 3. The totals will be listed at the bottom of the Timecard.

Manager Only – Bulk Approval without Review

Administrators/Managers now have the ability to directly approve employee Timecards in bulk (bulk approval feature) without the need of a review when using the Manager-only approval option. Verify your approval preference under Settings > General > Company.

Report – Exceeding Hours Audit

We have created a new report that will generate the hours worked over a specified amount. Administrators and managers who use this report will be able to track the hours worked over two new specified values. To run this Report, navigate to: 1. Reports 2. Select the Exceeding Hours Audit report from the report type drop-down menu. 3. Select Exceeding Limit from the Report Options drop-down menu. 4. Specify the first and or second limit value that you would like to track. Example: If you want to view the hours worked over 38 hours and over 40 hours, you would enter 38 in Limit 1 and 40 in Limit 2. You can track a single value or both. 

Report Sample:

Shift Differential OT after 80 hours

We have extended the functionality of calculating OT after 80 hours (bi-weekly) to the Union Rule pay class.

Ability for Admin to edit Absences directly on Time Card

We have applied the ability to edit absences directly on the Timecard, much like editing punches. You can now select an absence on the Timecard and the window containing the absence details will appear. You can modify or delete the absence. Click the icon for the Absence you wish to edit from the Timecard.

The absence window will appear:

Date when editing a punch

Previously, when editing a punch, the Timecard would not allow you to select the date. Having this option will allow for easier editing in instance where for example, a same-day punch needs to be edited to an overnight punch. We have included the option to change the date of any punch within the pay period. To edit the date of a punch, click on the punch time from the Timecard. When the editing window appears, the date can be edited first.

PTO – Decimal request

We have added the option for the Users to request PTO in minutes instead of just decimals. This is consistent through the main software and employee portal, whenever an absence needs to be added, requested or modified.

Option to pay lunch when using Union Rules

We have extended the option to pay for lunches/breaks to the Union Rules payclass.

Bulk Timecard Editing – Option to view in Decimals or in Minutes

We have extended the option to toggle between viewing the bulk Timecard editing page in Decimals or in Minutes, as preferred.

Clock in by PC – Restrict unauthorized IP addressed altogether

We have created three new options that will allow Administrators and Managers to entirely restrict unauthorized IP addresses, when clocking in by PC. Navigate to: 1. Users 2. Clocking Permissions 3. Select the Employee 4. Select the restriction level you wish to apply for PC Clocking.

The options are:

  • Allow all/Flag unauthorized: This is the same option that has always existed. The employee will be allowed to punch, however if punching from an unauthorized IP, the punch will be flagged.

  • Authorized IP addresses only: This will only allow the user to punch from an authorized IP address in the list.

  • Allow all IP addresses: This will give the user a universal Clock-In by PC option. They will have no IP restriction.


Prompt to select Job Code regardless of having the module or not

iPhone only – Previously, users were prompted to select a Job Code regardless of whether they were using Job Codes or not. We have made it so that now you are only prompted if you have Job Codes assigned.