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Release 2.28 -Thursday, December 28, 2017

New Features

Count Absences toward Paid Time Off

An option has been created to count Absences toward different Paid Time Off. This will allow PTO hours within a pay period to count toward an Absence accrual. To select this option, navigate to: 1. Dashboard 2. Paid Time Off 3. Select the User 4. Select the Accrual Rules

The Accrual window will appear. This feature is only applicable when accruing based on hours worked.
5. In section 2, you will be able to select the absence hours that you want to count toward the accrual.


Construction Time Card

You can now generate reports using the One page per User option. To toggle this option, navigate to: 1. Reports 2. Construction Timecard 3. Report Options. – From the drop-down menu, select the One page per User option.

We have also extended the option to generate weekly reports regardless of the pay period type (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly…) to the Construction Timecard reporting module. To view data broken down by the week, navigate to:

1. Reports 2. Construction Timecard 3. Select the Full Detailed report

Then, navigate to:

4. Report Options 5. Select Show details in weeks

Inactive employees on reports

When generating reports, the system now displays only active employees by default, per a pre-selected filter. To view Inactive and/or Terminated employees, simply change the filter to display such. You can choose to display Active, Inactive and/or Terminated employees in the list. To view this filter, navigate to: 1. Reports 2. Time Card 3. Select the Filter by drop-down menu 4. Select the Status’ you wish to display.