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Logging in to the Mobile App

In order to log in to the Easy Clocking mobile app, it is required to Create Employee Portal Accounts. Also it is required that each employee profile, has the Clock In By Mobile option checked marked under Clocking Permissions.  This function must be performed by an administrator account or an account with such privilege. Even if Administrators will not be using the mobile app for clocking in/out, they will still need to create an employee portal account under Users in order to have permission to log into the mobile app.

  • Launching the Easy Clocking mobile app on the smartphone device. (the following images are from a Android device)
  • Enter the login credentials: Company ID, Username and Password (see image below)

Changing from Administrative to Employee view

If you are an administrator who will also be utilizing features as an employee; you will automatically be defaulted to the administrative portal when you log in. In order to change your view to employee view you must turn off the administrator portal, as seen below: