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Anniversary Report

General Reports: Anniversary Report You can now generate an Anniversary report for the Employee, according to their specified hire-date. The report will tell you how long (in years) the Employee has been working for the company. To generate this report, navigate to 1.      Reports 2.      General 3.      From the Report Type drop-down menu, select Anniversaries 4.      Select the Employee(s) 5.      Click View

Tech Support Bible

   Tech Support Bible    EC 50    EC 200    EC 500              EC 700 EC Clock Offline (TAH) Check Clock Status online & delete all pending commands (if any) Please Restart the Clock Menu>Settings>Set IP>Use DHCP Is Use DHCP set to Yes/No? If No: Did you assign a …

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Viewing Who’s In

Download our new mobile app! Search “EasyClocking 1.2” Google Play Download IOS Download Viewing Who’s In Administrators can view the status of their employees in real time in the view of a high level list. This is beneficial to administrators who would like to view the status of their employees without having to open each …

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