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  Time Clock Updates

There are 2 ways to send time clock updates.

Directly to the serial, or to a Company ID (all time clocks).

1. Send update directly to the Serial #

Once Pending Command(Total) = 0 , the updates will be d displayed on the time clock

2. Send updates to a company ID

Once Pending Command(Total) = 0 , the updates will be d available to download on the time clock.

If sending directly to serial #, start on picture 2

If sending to company ID, start on picture 1

On the time clock: Go to Menu > Settings > Updates

The time clock will quickly reboot into the newer version.

Now go to Menu>Settings>About D device to check for the newest v version.

Now Tech Support will need to:

1. Empty User Enrollment

2. Clean DB

Once Pending Command(Total) = 0 , Tell the customer to u unplug the power cable and plug it back in to run a power cycle

Image result for unplug icon

*This is very important

3. Assign users back to the clock

Once Pending Command(Total) = 0 , the time clock is u u updated and ready for customer use.

End note: If the SecureID App version is less than 2.7.2, DO NOT try to update it with the support tool.