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Timecard Reports: Hours Only

The time card ‘hours only’ report is similar to the detailed report in the sense that it includes the following described below, but without money information. It shows only hours worked. (See picture below)

Note the pay period at circled at the top of the report. Verify that the pay period dates are correct. 

  1. Employee User ID
  2. Employee Name
  3. Location the employee belongs to
  4. Department the employee belongs to
  5. Date 
  6. Time In
  7. Time Out
  8. Total Regular hours worked
  9. Total overtime hours worked (OT)
  10. Total double time hours recorded (DT)
  11. Out of shift hours
  12. Breaks taken
  13. Breaks Paid
  14. Comp Time
  15. Total time recorded for the period selected

How to generate time card detailed reports:

  • Click on Reports then click on Time card.
  • From the report type drop down select Hours Only.
  • Confirm that the correct start and end date are selected.
  • Select the employees from the list. You could use the filter options to select a group of employees, or narrow your selecting down by departments.
  • Then click View and the report will be generated on reports in frame to the right or in a new browser window depending on the settings applied.