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Transfer Migration Notes

Before beginning any changes on the database, it is best to backup both the old and new computer’s database.

To do so, open up SQL Server Management Studio and login either with Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication with the username and password that was inputted when created.
Then hit connect.

Select the drop down arrow next to Databases and right click SekureTime, choose Tasks>Backup. Then you can add or remove backup locations on your computer and then press OK.

If you already installed the software on the new computer, there are a few things we will need to put in once you restore the old backup.
On the new computer, open the database like before and again in “Tables”. Right click the table “dbo.TA.COMPANY_CONNECTION” and choose select top 1000 rows.
You want to copy the Data Source and the Initial Catalog on the new computer. This is because this will be overwritten when restoring the old backup so we will have to put those back.

Next go into the table “dbo.TA_COMPANY_SETTING” and write down the TA._GENERAL_INFO. You may have to put this back once restored if it gives you an error.

Once everything is copied down from the new computer, you are ready to restore the old backup to put it on the new computer. You must transfer the backup to the location of the SQL backup location which by default is under the C Drive followed by Program Files (x86) > Microsoft SQL Server > MSSQL11.SQLEXPRESS > MSSQL> Backup.
If you do not find any backup folders here it may be under Program Files instead of Program Files (x86).

Then once the backup is on the new computer, go into the SQL Server Management Studio again and select SekureTime and Tasks followed by Restore > Database and choose Device instead of Database to select that file.
To edit the columns that we copied to put them back, right click the table for each and Edit top 1000 to paste them in there.

Once this is done the only thing is to ensure the ports are open to allow the time clocks to connect. Open on your firewall port 5010 and 5011 and change the host pc settings of the time clock to the IP address of the new computer.

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to give us a call at 1-888-783-1493 for further assistance and have a great day.