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Biometric Data (EC10/20 Series)

How to enroll fingerprints using the EC10 or EC20 USB reader:

Note: For this feature to work, we recommend you use Google Chrome as the web browser and Java updated to the latest version.

  • Click on Users, and then Biometric Data.
  • Click on the user from the list that you wish to capture fingerprint images for.
  • Check mark to accept     and then click     to allow the java application to start.
  • On the hand image, click on the circled fingertip   for the finger you wish to enroll.
  • Once the fingertip turns blue,   then click on the Capture button.
  • Click Allow to continue and the fingerprint scanner will turn on.
  • Then the employee being enrolled must place the fingerprint on the scanner as shown on the picture below.
  • Three different images of the same finger needs to be captured. The finger must be lifted once the first fingerprint image shows on the screen, then placed down on the scanner a second time, and lifted once the second fingerprint image shows on the screen  each time, then placed down third time until the third fingerprint image has been captured.
  • Once all three images have been captured, the fingertip on the hand image will turn green  and a successful confirmation message will follow.