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Pay Differential

Pay/Wage differential is a term used in time tracking and payroll systems to analyze the relation between the wage rate and the risk or attributes of a particular job. In the Easy Clocking system, this could be accomplished using schedules. At the time schedules are being assigned, each schedule can be configured to have a specific rate. There are two pay differentials that can be configured: with a fixed rate for the schedule or with a multiple of the hourly rate.

Assigning Pay Differentials to Schedules:

  • Click on Dashboard, then click on Schedules.
  • Select one or more employees from the list.
  • Confirm that the information on the first two tabs is accurate.
  • One the third tab,  in the Pay Differential section, select from the drop-down either Fixed or Multiple.

Fixed – Enter a fixed hourly rate amount for hours worked within this schedule.
For example: If you want to pay the employee $12/hr instead of their normal $10 per hour rate, then just enter $12 in this field.

Multiple – Enter a number that will be multiplied times the base hourly rate defined on the employee profile.
For example: If you want to pay the employee 2 times their normal rate, enter 2 in the multiple fields.

  • Then click create to finish.