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Data Collection allows registering time clocks and also displays relevant information about the time clocks added in the system,described as follows. (See picture below)

  1. Time Clock Name.
  2. Time Serial Number.- This is the 8 digit number located in the back of the time clock. Also available in the time clock data information.
  3. Time Clock Connection Status.-  Online for Green, Offline for Red.
  4. Company Location .- Enter the company location the clock belongs to.
  5. Job Code Assigned.- Select the job this clock is assigned to. Click here for additional information on assigning clocks to job codes.
  6. Take Off Manager.- Click this button to set all employee profile in the time clock to employee level. Click here for additional information on Manager Restriction.
  7. Empty Time logs.- Click this button to delete the time logs store in the time clock memory. The time clock will store up to 100.000 records in memory..
  8. Enroll All Users.- Click this button to enroll all the employee information in the software including fingerprints to the clock.
  9. Empty User Enrollment.- Click this button to delete all the users enrolled on the time clock.