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Employee Information

General Reports: Employee Information

In this type of report, these are the following fields:

  1. User ID – This is the unique identifier of the employee in the system
  2. Name – This is the employee name
  3. Home Telephone
  4. Email
  5. Type – This is the employee type either regular, contracted, seasonal or temporary
  6. Position
  7. Hired Date
  8. Address
  9. Emergency Contact Information
  10. Department.- This is the department the employee belongs to

How to generate an Employee Information report

  • Click on Reports then click on General.
  • Select Employee Information report from the report type drop down.
  • Use the filters if needed to select employees in a specific department, location or by employee type.
  • Select one or more users from the list, you may also use the check mark to select all users.
  • To generate the report click View. and it will display in the reports frame.
  • If you wish for the report to display in another web page, click on the settings button towards the top right and check mark Open in New Window.