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Export to QuickBooks (Standard)

Easy Clocking web based software comes with a QuickBooks export feature which enables the software to create an export file containing all daily totals recorded in the Easy Clocking system. After extracting this file, it can be then be imported to QuickBooks to use this information for payroll processing.

In order to use this feature you must have some knowledge and know the procedures within QuickBooks. There are settings called service items and payroll items for each employee.  A service item specifies a job the employee is performing for instance You should create a QuickBooks service item for each type of work you do for a customer, whether a partner, associate, subcontractor, or hourly employee does it. You can then use these items when filling time entries and creating invoices or checks in QuickBooks (Exporting Service Items are not required, only payroll Items are)

A payroll item is an object that QuickBooks uses for payroll calculations and reporting. Everything you track on a paycheck is tracked with a payroll item. These include hourly wages, salaries, sick time, and vacation time, federal, state, and local taxes. Payroll items are also needed for non-taxable items such as mileage reimbursements and employee loans, if you track those through payroll. When you create any kind of payroll transaction in QuickBooks—whether it’s a paycheck, a payroll tax payment, or an adjustment—QuickBooks tracks the transaction using its payroll items.

Note: Easy Clocking does not provide any training or support for QuickBooks accounting software; you must set up your QuickBooks application properly before we will support the successful transfer of daily totals from Easy Clocking software to QuickBooks software.

How to Export to QuickBooks:


  1.       Enable QuickBooks as the preferred payroll export by Clicking on Settings, and then click on the General.
  2. Click on Payroll Systems and check mark Intuit (IIF) and click Save. (See picture below)


Preparing to properly export data to QuickBooks.

Before exporting employees time cards to QuickBooks it’s required to ensure that the employee names on Easy Clocking are written and spelled in the same way as shown in QuickBooks. Note: if the names do not match every character,when transferring the file, blank or duplicate names will be created within the list of vendors or employees in QuickBooks.

The Easy Clocking software comes preloaded with a few formats of how the names can be displayed. This will help the Easy Clocking software match the name already configured in QuickBooks.

How to set the employees display name format:

  • Click on the Settings tab, and then click on the General tab.
  • Click on Company.
  • Select the Display Name format from the drop down.
  • And click Save.

Note: If the employee name in QuickBooks include a comma, period or a special character please contact our Technical Support Department for further instructions on how to export the employee’s names with this characters.


Configuring QuickBooks Payroll Items in Easy Clocking

In order for QuickBooks to import the IIF file from the Easy Clocking Software, each employee must be set with a Payroll Item. The payroll items in QuickBooks need to be added in Easy Clocking

To view payroll items on QuickBooks click on the list tab and then on Payroll Item List. (See picture below)

Note: The Easy Clocking Software does not have the capabilities of handling any deductions, bonus or any items that are not part of the time & attendance tracking system.


How to set the Payroll Items in the Easy Clocking software:

  • Click on Export
  • Then click on Quickbooks IIF
  • Click on Payroll Items, and make sure Raw Value is selected.
  • Set the appropriate payroll items to their corresponding payroll types. The image below is just an example and DOES NOT reflect your payroll items. Refer to the IMAGE ABOVE to obtain your actual payroll items.


Exporting data to QuickBooks.

 At the end of the week or pay period once all of the employee’s time cards have been reviewed and approved, they can be exported to QuickBooks.

How to Create the Export (IIF) file:

  • Click on the Export tab, and then click on the QuickBooks IIF tab.
  • Click on Period and select the pay period to export.
  • Click on Users and select one or more users from the list.
  • Then click Preview to preview the file or Click Export to generate the IIF file.