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Initial Setup – Getting Started

Initial Setup: Getting Started

  • Open a web browser and go to and enter your log in information. Company IDUser ID and Password.

  • For your initial login, you will be required to change your initial password.

Configuring your web based software

  • STEP 1

When you log in to the system for the first time and accept the Terms and Conditions, you will see the screen below. Here you may enter:

1.- Your company name
.- Country of origin
3.- Add a logo, then select Next to go to the next step.

This information can be changed or modified at a later time.

  • STEP 2  

On this screen, we will be defining Departments:

Initially you will see a single department code/department name, if you wish to break your employees down by department please Identify the first department from this screen.
Afterwards, the remaining departments can be designed from the Settings > Departments Tab.

  • STEP 3

Enter your location and timezone information. If you have a single location, it could be labeled Main or a city name. (Ex: Main Location, New York, Miami, Store # 1, Store # 2).
After labeling your location, make sure to select your respective timezone.
Once your locations are set, please select next to continue.
You only need one location to continue with the setup and more locations can be added at a later time if required.


  • STEP 4

Configuring pay information – Here are there are five company settings to be configured: Payroll Frequency, Pay period first date, Use Schedules, Rounding Rules and are described as follows:

  1. Payroll Frequency.- Enter whether your payroll is done Weekly (every week), Bi-Weekly (every other week), Semi-monthly (Twice a month). Monthly (once a month)
  2. Payroll Start Date.- Enter the date of the next pay-period. Based on the date entered the first day of the work week will be automatically selected.
  3. Rounding Off – Select the round off rule desired. (not required) but there are two options. To round off by quarter hour and to round off to the tenth of an hour. If you choose either round off rule, then perform the next step below.
    – Check mark whether yo wish to round off only the first and last punch on each day and/or also to round off time log automatically. Click here for additional information on Rounding Off.
  4. Use Schedules.- Select YES or NO to accumulate hours worked only if these are within the schedule assigned. Click here for additional information on Using Schedules.


  • STEP 5
    Configuring your PayClass – Here we have 3 settings to configure:
    1. Maximum Continuous Hours – The total amount of hours that can be achieved by an employee in a singular day(Lunch included). [Ex. 9-6 with lunch = 9 Hours]
      It is recommended to have a larger range of time in this field, to account for early punches or Overtime situations.
    2. Overnight Employees – If there are any employees that can work from one day to another (Passing 12 AM).
    3. Overtime – If Overtime applies, please select yes and define your overtime structure. Otherwise, Select No.
  • STEP 6
    Double Time Configuration – If Double time is applicable, please select Yes and define your Double time structure. Otherwise, Select No

  • Step 7
    Lunch & Breaks – Here are a few options regarding Lunch & Breaks, these options apply ONLY if you plan to have the system automatically deduct time or pay back a portion of breaks taken:
    1. Lunch & Break Deduction – If you would like the system to automatically deduct time for Lunch/Breaks, please select Yes.
      • Define the amount of time to deduct.
      • Define the minimum hours worked before the deduction is made.
    2. Lunch & Break Payment – If any portion of lunch/breaks is covered by the company, please select Yes.
      • Define the amount of time to reimburse.
      • Define if the time should be tallied as part of regular hours or sit in a separated column.

  • Step 8 

            Time Clocks – Here you will be defining the clocks location and can change the device name to your liking.

    1. Select the time clock location from the drop-down list.
    2. Define the clocks desired name, you can always leave “temp_device” if preferred.

(If your clock is not visible from this screen, please contact us for assistance registering your device.)

You are now set, you will receive a notification that the initial setup has been completed and be directed to your new portal homepage.