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Web Portal: Clock In

In the Easy Clocking web based software, employees are able to clock in and clock out using a web browser in a computer with internet access. This is normally used when employees don’t have access to a time clock. Security features on the clock in via web, allows restricting public IP’s; that way employees can clock in and clock out via web only if the computer they are using is within the public IP defined on their profile under clocking permissions .

Below are all the steps to be perform to allow employees clock in via web.

  1. Add the employee profile in the software.
  2. Assign the employee clocking permissions and make sure to check mark the option Clock in by PC.
  3. Create an employee portal account for the employee.
  4. The employee should be able to clock in and out following the instructions below.

To clock in and out via web:

  • Open a web browser (Google chrome recommended) and go to
  • Under options select Clock In/Out.

  • Enter the User Name and Password assigned for the employee portal account
  • Click on the button Clock In/Out
  • And a confirmation will follow.