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Job Costing Reports: Timecard

This report generates a basic timecard, but for specific jobs that are assigned to employees. The fields that this report generates are:

  1. User ID – The User ID that the employee was assigned.
  2. Name – The full name of the employee.
  3. Location – The location that the employee is assigned to.
  4. Department  – The department that the employee is assigned to.
  5. Day – The date of the punch.
  6. Time In – The time that the employee clocked in.
  7. Project/Job – The name of the job that the employee was working on.
  8. Time Out – The time the employee clocked out.
  9. Regular, Overtime (OT), Double Time (DT) hours worked.
  10. Breaks (Taken) and BP (Breaks Paid)
  11. Comp Time
  12. Total – Total amount of hours worked.
  13. Rate – The rate of pay for the job.
  14. Amount – The amount paid for the job.