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Timecard Reports: Timecard Approval Status

This new report can be used to seethe approval status of employees. The report works in conjunction with the new feature for ‘Bulk Approval’.

The software now allows an administrator to approve all REVIEWED employee timecards, in bulk. Once the timecards have been approved from the Dashboard tab, a window will appear stating how many timecards were successfully approved, and how many were not reviewed to begin with, thus resulting in these timecards not being approved.

If you would like a report that states how many employee timecards were approved by manager, vs. pending review, navigate to

1.     Reports

2.     Timecards  

3.     Report Type: Approval Status  

4.     Select desired employee(s)  

5.     Click View

The Report will populate in the same window or in a new tab depending on your Report Settings.

The Report will display the employee ID numbercorresponding employee name, the status of the employee’s timecard and whether it was reviewed and thereafter approved by a manager, or whether it has not been reviewed by a manager yet, thus resulting in a pending review status.

Note: If you have given your employee access to their own portal login, they too have the option to review their timecards.