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Timecard Reports Overview

Time card reports are usually generated at the end of the paid period to calculate employee worked hours. There are 4 type of time card reports described as follows:

  1. Detailed .- This is the report mostly used. It will display the time card with detailed information including: User ID, Employee Name, Department, Location, Daily Totals, Weekly totals, amount owed before taxes, lunch taken, lunch paid and Out of Shifts hours.
  2. Summary .- This report will display total worked hours for the selected period. It will not display time logs, but only totals.
  3. Hours Only .- This report is similar to the detailed report. It has everything the detailed report displays but it will not show any dollar expenses, only time totals.
  4. Weekly .- This report works for companies using weekly pay periods only and displays the information in a week view with total  for each day.

Time card report settings

On the report section, there are also settings that can be applied to each one of them. To locate the report settings, click on the settings button towards the upper right of the reports page. The settings that can be applied are described as follows:

  • Show in New Window.- This setting allows to preview the report in another web page and not in the reports section.
  • Show all days.- Allows to display all days for the report when generated. For days that the employee did not attend to work, it will display ‘did not work’. For days scheduled to work, but no time was recorded, it will display absent.
  • View in Decimal.- By default the report’s total time displays in minutes, but when this option is checked the totals show in decimals of hours. Example an employee working 7 hours and 30 minutes will display 7.50
  • One page per User.- By default when running a report for multiple users, the reports will be fit in the page one employee after the next. If you choose this feature you will be able to generate reports using one page per employee.
  • Show Cover Page.- When this feature is used, the report will have a cover page displaying what employees are in the report.
  • Group by Department.- When this feature is used, the software will generate the report for the selected employee but sorted by the group they belong to with total amount recorded for each group.
  • Show Location.- This feature is used to show the location or the time clock name.
  • Export.- The reports can be exported in PDF, RTF and Excel formats.