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Release 2.42 – Thursday – July 11th, 2019

Date: May 1st, 2019

Greetings! It’s time for another release and here some news we want to share. This release was small as we had to focused on fixing the “Timelog Audit Trail” reports. We added a few new items and enhanced some existing ones. We also changed our development cycles in an effort to perform and provide higher quality releases, we will have shorter development sprints followed by test strategies that we have designed to strength the QM (Quality Management) of our product to be able to identify and prevent defects before making our releases for general availability. We hope you like the changes. Adieu!

New Features:

  1. “Critical Setting” Export Only Approve Timecards: This will only export approved time-cards. Employees timecards that are not approved will not export any hours.
  2. “Custom Fields” for locations: Custom fields can now be created for locations and this is also available as an API endpoint and export value.
  3. “Time-card Mandatory Notes” extended to “Employee” portal: Timecard mandatory notes will also be required in the employee portal, the require notes were only required for admin audits and not an employee.


  1. New “API End-points” available – “Time card Status” and “Time card Approval”: We have added the ‘Time card Status” and “Time card Approval” as part of another available API endpoints in our SDK library. With the “Time card Status” you can know whether the time card is Pending Approval or Approved and Locked. With the ‘Time card Approval” you can know which user approved the timecard if it was a manager or employee.

Fixed Errors/Bugs:

  1. Admin Privileges Issue – would allow users to delete employees if certain privileges were setup: If a certain combination of privileges were set up for an admin, that admin will still have the ability to delete a user even when the employee has passed the allotted time to be able to delete an employee from the system,
  2. “Data Collection” Issue when using the “Assign Users” option: When mass assigning users “Filtered By” “User Location” in the “Data Collection” tab, the filters can only be used once unless the browser is refreshed but it shouldn’t.
  3. “Users” tab UI issue in the “Jobs” sub-tab: In the Users tab and Jobs sub-tab, the jobs are not going into different pages and are cutting off into 1 page when the Project name or Job name was too long. The issue was happening in all browsers and now it is fixed.
  4. Reports:
    1. “Time-log Audit Trail”: The “Time-log Audit Trail” report was not displaying the correct info, it was stating that every time-log entry was or had been modified by “Support”
    1. “Time-log Audit Trail Detailed”: The “Time-log Audit Trail Detailed” report was not displaying the correct information either, similar to the time-log audit trail report, it was stating that every time-log entry was or had been modified by “Support”